Human Rights


Geneva is the venue to the main UN mechanisms on Human Rights. The main bodies are: Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights –OHCHR-, Human Rights Council –HRC-, and 10 Treaty Bodies.  The HR community in Geneva is quite active with high presence of NGOs and Think Tanks.

Colombia and Human Rights

Colombia stands out because of its commitment with the Human Rights issues. In spite of the challenges linked to the internal situation, the country has made continuous advances and has reached some goals recognized by the international community as significant achievements on the subject. In the last four years, Colombia established a Public Policy on Human Rights and a National System for Human Rights that is in charge of coordinating and focusing, in the next years, the State’s actions for the implementation and construction of a positive policy. The entity responsible for the elaboration and coordination of the policies related to the Human Rights and the International Humanitarian Law (IHL) is the Presidential Counsellor for Human Rights. The national architecture has the objective to build a fair and human country that provides equal conditions for its population, respectful of the rights inherent to all human beings and committed with the defence of the fundamental guarantees.

Colombia in HR fora in Geneva

The Permanent Mission in Geneva follows up permanently priority issues and concerns for Human Rights matters to Colombia, in which the country still face challenges to assure the total promotion and protection of the human rights of Colombians. Hence, Colombia participates actively in the discussions, reunions and initiatives of the different forums and mechanisms of HR in Geneva, like the activities from the HRC, and its Special Procedures, and the Treaty Bodies.

Likewise, in the framework of the participation in the HR field in Geneva, Colombia focuses  its priorities on  the promotion and protection of the rights of the people who are especially vulnerable (women, children and youngsters, ethnic minorities and LGTBI community). Moreover, we have an active participation in the issue of business and human rights, and in topics related to the attention, reparation and reintegration of victims. Colombia is part of various groups of friends and specific thematic networks which supports the promotion of the rights of these particularly vulnerable groups.

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